i was able to get

a picture of the peach cobbler.

I also finally posted it, along with the recipe, on the recipe blog.

I was so excited to finally find this recipe last year.  (I think it was last year.)  It was practically in front of my face all those years.  I made a few adjustments that I know Grandma did and then made a few on my own.  The cobbler only uses half of my pie crust recipe so now I still have some dough ready to be rolled out in the refrigerator.  I can't decide if I should do something similar with some apple pie filling I have or pull out some blueberries and make another thing.  Decisions, decisions.  Chances are, I'll wait and do whatever tomorrow.  Seriously, it's been a busy day and I don't feel like making another mess today.

Speaking of cooking, when I was grilling the vegetables I posted yesterday, I had one of those flare up moments.  Not the kind where I get angry but the kind where I had to check to make sure I still had eyebrows.  I did.  I know I had to have lost some hair somewhere.  I could smell it.  Even when I got in the shower later, I could still smell burning hair and double checked my eyebrows before scrubbing my head with shampoo, making sure I put out any signs of sizzling.

I think I'll go ahead and fold my towels before I get too comfortable sitting here.  I'll remind myself to talk about bullet journals tomorrow.

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