i made another one

of Grandma's recipes from the recipe blog yesterday.  Shrimp Creole.  It was good... a little spicy, but good.
This might not represent the dish the best because I'm not into soupy sauces.  I like my food a little on the drier side.  I also didn't feel like running everything through the blender like the recipe calls for so it's a little chunkier than it should be.
The recipe didn't call for any cayenne pepper or creole seasoning but I figured I'd add some.  Wow.  Well, it was hot for me but that's not saying much.  Cosme still added a little hot sauce to his.  The only thing we were missing was some crusty French bread.  Next time.

Oh yeah, I was going to talk about how I've been reading and thinking about bullet journals lately.  Maybe tomorrow.  Today I've got to get busy on some laundry and cleaning out my closet.  I don't actually want to start cleaning out my closet today but maybe just take another look at it to see where I could start.  I don't know.  Maybe I'll start one of those failed projects I started a few years ago where I got rid of one bag of things a day.  (Which was one bag...)  Either way, I have entirely too much stuff and it's getting on my nerves.

In other news, Strat still thinks he runs things around here.

"You will be my body pillow and you will enjoy it, Lucille."
I can't remember what he was watching on tv when I took this picture.  He'll be so excited when he finds out Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming back.  That's one of his favorites.  I obviously need to let him spend a little more time watching the Beverly Hills housewives.  It's so much better.  Most of their episodes make me want to have a dinner party.  Speaking of the housewives, I have an episode of New York on dvr.  Okay, maybe the closet can wait another day.

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