today's one of those

days where I just can't stop.  I have to keep moving and stay busy.  I have way too much energy today but I kind of like it.  I guess I'm making up for yesterday when I didn't feel like doing anything.  The only downside is my back is feeling a little uncomfortable.  Or, maybe my back is actually hurting because I sat around most of yesterday.  Either way, I'm scared to do too much, thinking I might make it worse.  So far today I've been cleaning and doing laundry and I even went through the freezers to throw out and take inventory.  Okay, that last part sounded a little bit nerdy... or pathetic... or both.  All I know is as soon as we finish off this cheesecake, I'm making a peach cobbler with two of the four bags of peaches that were in the freezer.  I used some of my blueberries this morning and made muffins but I even have some of those leftover.  I guess I'll add those to the packages already in the freezer.  One of the nice things about going through it all is that I know exactly what we're having for dinner.  Considering I have hamburger meat that needs to be used and 3.6 bags of fries, I think it's a given.

You know who doesn't have much energy today?

Strat.  Once again, he's watching tv.

Then there's Lucille.  She's been staying out of sight a lot lately.  Even when she comes out of her room, she does stuff like this.

Is she trying to stay hidden?  She's weird... unlike the cat who sits around and watches tv.

I'm cooled off so that can only mean one thing.  Break's over.

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