the last couple of mornings

we've had BOB's, or if you're driving through Whataburger, Breakfast on a Bun.  There were leftover brioche buns from the beach so that made it tastier.  Yesterday's BOBs were short though.  We only had one brioche bun left so the second was done in Whataburger fashion with a burger bun.  Not wanting to go to the store until Friday, Saturday or Sunday for my Kroger double fuel points, I decided to make bread.  I decided against buns since a loaf would be more versatile... and not to mention I've never made buns before.  Anyway, I got on Pinterest and picked THIS recipe.  I whipped some dough together and let it double in size and then put it in the loaf pans to rise 1-2 inches above that pan.

I forgot about them.  Oops.

 I stuck them in the oven and hoped all that extra sticking over the side would be okay and not burn or anything.

Nope.  It was fine.  I sliced a warm piece off and tried it with butter.

Yum.  And as soon as Cosme got in from the tennis court (because who doesn't want to come in sweaty and eat hot buttered bread?), I gave him a slice as well... and then took half of it from him.

I started thinking of how good that bread would be for a grilled cheese sandwich or toasted with jelly for breakfast.  yuuummmm.  Too bad I then realized we're out of jelly.  Oh well, at least I'll get double fuel points when I buy some today.

As for the recipe, it was super easy and tastes awesome.  I'll definitely make it again.

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