we kind of got

a late start on Friday because our car wouldn't be available until 11:00.  So at 11:00, we went down to the hotel lobby to get our car.  I reserved a compact but they gave us a free upgrade into a small SUV.  Anyway, the girl printed out directions for us, letting us know the scenic route was through Boulder.  And off we went towards Boulder.  We stopped on the highway at a scenic overlook for a picture.

We passed through Boulder and made it to Roosevelt National Forest.

It was really hard not to stop at every pull-over.  I think I might have at first but realized we'd never get anywhere if I kept that up.

We came across a historical site, Saint Malo, but didn't know what it was.  We tried to visit but the gates were closed.  I was able to pull in and get a couple of pictures.  Here's one from the driveway.

And one from the highway
 I looked it up when we got home and saw that it's an old chapel but there was a retreat center in the back of the property that burned down in 2011.  I guess that's why it's closed.  I believe the newer retreat area must have been a total loss but the chapel was untouched.

We kept driving and came to this lake.  I can't remember what it was but there was a walking trail going around it.  We thought it'd be better if we kept going.

At this point we were both getting hungry and in my case, VERY thirsty.  We didn't do as all the tips suggested and take bottled water with us up in the high altitudes.  I was so anxious to get out there that I forgot.

I think this is a good stopping point for today.  I'll finish with day 1 tomorrow.

On a side note, I've resized and saved all the images for the web.  I don't normally do it but decided to since there were so many.  I hope they look okay.

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