i was thigh deep

in all things photography the last time I posted.  Now I'm about waist deep. 

I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a little venting.  (Which is not directed at anyone in particular... or at least not anyone that reads this... unfortunately):
In general, people assume that if someone doesn't have a full time job outside of the home, that they have nothing going on.  Just because I'm not toting kids around and have a job I do at my own pace from the home, doesn't mean I'm not busy.  I have plenty of things on my plate.  I could go on and branch out into other areas but I won't... for now.

So, back to being waist deep in stuff to do.  As this is going on, my wish necessity list is growing.  It's going to be an awesome early birthday for me.  Then again, it's stuff I NEED.

Remember those blueberry muffins I wanted?  I never made them.  It's okay though.  A friend needs a cake for this weekend.  I'll get my baking fix tomorrow or Saturday.  I still might try to use the blueberries in something though.  It's not too late... yet.

Since I started this post around 7:00 this morning and have been preoccupied for the last 6.5 hours, I think I'll just end it now. 

By the way, this picture is in no way any reflection on my pace or the things going on.  I pulled a few weeds yesterday and he just happen to be there.

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