i feel well

rested.  I'm in a spring cleaning type of mood, sort of.  It comes and goes.  I guess I'm in the mood to be busy and see results.  I don't know, maybe it's just a good mood or maybe it's my allergy medicine.  Maybe it's because we're going away for a few days and I always seem to want things in order before I leave.

Our U-verse box went out yesterday.  No problem.  They came today and replaced it. 

Also this morning, I went for a walk.  Our street was the first street in the subdivision and it's grown A LOT in the last few years.  Instead of making my usual loops around the main part of the neighborhood, I decided to walk to the back and check it out.  I turned around when I ran out of sidewalk. 

Other than that, this weekend we celebrated a birthday and Mother's Day. 

Now I'm off to take care of the photography end of things.

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