i obviously had one thing on

my mind yesterday, going by the pictures I've posted.  The theme for yesterday's photo challenge was sunrise/sunset so I guess I had my reasons.  I took this picture last night with my camera right after I submitted the one on Instagram with my phone.

Today's theme is "need".  Wow.  Where do I start with that one?  I could start with the grocery store or a mop or a money tree would be pretty nice too.  I think it might be a little easier for "what I don't need".  Oh well.  One thing I need to do, well, now needed was to get a few things off my memory card.  You can see a few of those things HERE.  A few things I left out were these

I loved watching the ducks take off and run across the water.  Look at the guy on the far left.  I was totally amused.

These were taken a while back when we drove out to Brazos Bend State Park, pretty close to sunset.  We weren't halfway around the trail when it started to get a little dark.  Well, considering there were alligators right there, it was dark enough.  We turned around and headed back to the car.  This alligator was headed away from the bank and back out into the water.  Going through my pictures the song that stuck in my head was "Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight".  In the middle of this, Mom sends me a link with a man singing that to get his puppies to sleep.  How weird is that?!?

On that note, I'm off like an alligator with grass on his head.

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