i couldn't take it

any longer.  Every once in a while I just have to check the time for sunrise and head to the beach, regardless of the clouds.  Today that was 6:22 and there were plenty of clouds.  I headed to Surfside.

I drove down the public beach and wondered if anyone ever cleans it.  There was a lot of garbage and the seaweed didn't help anything.  I kept my windows up and it was a good thing.  My windows were covered with beach bugs.  I got back on the highway and headed to the pedestrian beach.  It's much cleaner.  I didn't care that there were clouds.  I got out anyway. 

I took a few pictures and watched some birds as my hair doubled in size.  Seriously, my hair was halfway calm and straight until I got out in the beach air.  I could've stayed out there a little longer but I did have a few things I needed to get done so I left.

Now I'm back home, thinking I should've spent a little more time out there and wondering which direction I'll head in the morning... if not this evening.

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