i haven't been baking

a lot of sweets lately and I think that makes me a little grumpy.  Cosme hasn't been eating a lot of sweets and Eric is really picky.  I've been wanting blueberry muffins so I picked up some blueberries the other day.  I've put it off because when I take the time to bake stuff and it doesn't get inhaled, I get irritated and throw it away.  It's kind of like a "that's fine if you're not blown away by this dish, I'll throw it away and now you can't have any" or something like that.  I wonder if I get that from my grandmother.  My grandmother told me that they were visiting a relative who had made biscuits and my grandfather said, "these are the best biscuits I've ever had."  My grandmother caught that and told him she would never make biscuits for him again.  Maybe that's why I don't remember my grandmother's biscuits.  Anyway, blueberry muffins sound SO GOOD and my blueberries are going to go bad if I don't use them.

I guess I could make some and save a few for myself and wrap up the rest to deliver to friends.  Yeah, I'll probably do that.

So other than blueberry muffins, about the only other thing going on is spring cleaning and photography.  I have been knee deep (which is quickly becoming thigh deep) in studying, reading, training videos and a few other forms of knowledge absorption.  Now it's off for a little more spring cleaning and knowledge absorption and possibly some baking of the blueberries.

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