for a few years

I've been wanting to see This is Elvis, a movie/documentary that I remember was always on HBO when I was a kid.  I spent the summers with my grandparents (who had HBO) and I watched it every time I saw it was on.  I was a fan.  I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and I always went through my grandmother's records and played Elvis.  There were a lot of those days when my grandfather was at work or outside and I'd be in the den playing records and dancing while my grandmother cleaned house.  When I hear this song I always think of my grandmother stopping what she was doing and walking around the corner into the den to dance with me.  (I'm sure I've mentioned that before.)

Anyway, back to This is Elvis.  I've had it on my Netflix queue for a LONG time.  I've never gotten it because of new releases being bumped up to the number 1 spot.  Last year or so I asked for it to be put in my Christmas stocking.  I didn't get it.  Last night I went into the bedroom to iron some shirts and guess what was on Encore.  This is Elvis!  What sucks is, I caught the last 12 minutes of it.  What didn't suck is that I saw it was coming on later and dvr'd it.  You know what else is weird?  Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday.

So, when I decided to have some hot tea this morning, I thought it was only fitting to grab my Elvis mug that Lauren gave me.

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