there was a

cardinal flying around the yard in Brazoria for a few days.  I was determined to get him.  He was determined to not let me.  The next few pictures are nothing great visually but there was a great effort behind them to catch this guy.

When you read this, it needs to be read like an older, stuffy man, probably from a different era.  (BTW, what I'm trying to describe and how I'm reading it is totally off because everyone knows I'm the WORST at impressions."

"Wait, is she trying to aim that thing at me?  I'll show her."

"I'm outta here." (Notice I did manage to get his tail feathers.)

"She'll never see me h.. DAGNABIT!"

"I swear, it's so hard for a bird to get comfortable around here."


"Fine.  I'll get situated right here and just turn my back to her."

"This is unreal."

"Forget it.  I'll go back to the shade."
"Here she is again.  I might as well make her happy so she'll leave me alone. 'CHEEEEEESE. HAPPY NOW?"

"Wow.  I thought that would never end..."

And a few minutes later, in another part of the yard, his friend enters the picture.  (This one is more nasally and probably from up north.)

"Hey, guys!  What's going on over here?"

Oh well, at least I was entertained.

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