i have quite a few things

I should be doing right now.  This isn't at the top of that list but it just seems easier.  I need to figure out a few things with some photo stuff I've started messing with, I need to make a grocery list, I need to dry my hair, I REALLY need to get up and get a fork for this hot dog (which I totally should have given second thought to the hot dog), I need to scan some stuff, I need to read some stuff, I need to edit some stuff...  On the plus side, I've already made an appointment with the eye doctor and gotten the recycling bags out.

I took this picture last weekend on the bridge over on Rusk at Bagby in downtown Houston.  It's kind of fitting because as much as I don't need to be parked right here doing this, I do need to be parked right here doing other things.

Speaking of Rusk and Bagby, a few days after I took this picture, a man was found dead under the bridge.

I really need to add "quit typing" to my to-do list.

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