i'm excited today

and it's really for no particular reason.  I mean there's nothing major going on, just a few little details that are making today a pretty good day.  (The fact that I just watched Paula Deen make pralines helped.)  I have lunch in the oven, I mopped, I called 911 and my oomph came back. 

Yes, I called 911 this morning.  I was coming in the back of the neighborhood around 4:30 and I noticed the field near our subdivision had a little fire going.  It was too dark to see whether or not it was a controlled fire, I just saw blackness and flames on the ground.  Considering it was 4:30 and not many people are out that early, I decided to call.  I don't know what ever happened.  They were sending someone to check it out and 4 hours later there was no fire so I'm just going to assume I did something good.

I was watching a show on dvr this morning when the phone rang.  Actually, I wasn't paying attention because I was playing Candy Crush and the show had apparently gone to a commercial.  I pressed pause and took the call.  I had been talking to my aunt for a little bit before I glanced up at the tv.  Yes, I had to take a picture.  I couldn't resist.

I'm stopping here.  The washing machine just rang its little chime and I need to TCB before my oomph goes on break.

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