i should probably

post a warning.  I've noticed a pattern lately.  It's like I NEED to get outside with my camera.  Maybe spring is to blame or maybe it's the road-trip bug that has bitten... HARD.  I just don't know.  It might be all of it. 

I went outside yesterday and there was a lizard on the water hose.  I took his picture.

See?  Nothing is safe, especially this bird.  He's been in a tree near my front door (off and on) for a couple of weeks and he's SO LOUD.  One day he was trying to come through the window above the front door.  It was driving the cats crazy.  I ran in to get my camera but he had flown over to the neighbor's tree.  He's so annoying.  (I realize it might not be the same bird every time but it's easier to place blame on one and direct all of my anger at him.)

And I'm also noticing a pattern with ground shots.  There was one from the cemetery and here's another.

Another pattern I've noticed?  Dishes like to accumulate in my sink.

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