see what happens

when I get sidetracked?  There was a long weekend and there's been a lot going on around here.  Well, not actually around here but in the general vicinity. 

Let's start off with my second strawberry.  Look how red and perfect it was.  (Okay, so my phone didn't take the best picture and it is a little darker but that strawberry really was dark red.)

Now we'll move on to all the work that Mom's been doing at the house in Brazoria.  She was finishing up her newest walkway yesterday when I decided I'd get up and sweep the patio.  I was moving chairs over and got over to the trash can and happen to take a glance.  I didn't scream but I got out of the way quickly with an "OH MY GOSH!" and got Mom's attention.  There was a baby possum playing possum in the trash can.

He didn't play for long.

As frightening as he was, he was also a little cute.  There's also a bird nest in a hibiscus.  I like the garbage the bird found.  It's like she was weatherproofing her house.

Speaking of weatherproofing, there was a lot of hail damage in area towns overnight.  Today it's all the news channels are talking about, large hail and lots of it.  One thing I thought could have been worded a little better, or maybe it couldn't have been worded any better, was the weather lady's intro.  They always start with a picture someone submitted.  Today it was obviously going to be of hail.  She said she had a big hail picture to show. 

Now did she mean it was a big picture of hail or it was a picture of big hail?  Either fits, I guess.  I just wish she would've worded it differently.

That reminds me.  I need to check my strawberries after last night's rain.

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