today's one of those

days where the first thing you read when you wake up is that David Bowie died.  It's not like I knew him but it was David Bowie.  He's kind of a big deal and who saw that coming?  Anyway, David Bowie died.  I wasn't going to post a video but I will, just because this is this is one of those songs that every time it comes up in the shuffle, I have to listen to it.

In other news, I was a Powerball loser.  I won't let that stop me though.  I never buy lotto tickets and I figure I'll give it another shot.  Here's the pic I posted for the Imperfect365 group on flicker.  Actually, now they're tagging them all Imperfect366 so I really don't know what I'm doing... what else is new.

Now I need to go do today's photo-a-day and think of something sweet to bake. 

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