let me fill you in

on the backstory here.  Years ago I was a miserable county employee.  After working there for several years, I got a dry patch of skin on the top of my foot that itched like crazy.  I tried every ointment I came across.  I went to a dermatologist and that was a waste of time money.  (I can't call it a waste of time because it got me out of several hours of work.)  Everyone I talked to said it resembled psoriasis.  I researched it and that's definitely what it sounded like.  During this time I also started having stomach issues.  I won't go into to too much detail but it sounded a lot like IBS.  I went to a few doctors and started taking acidophilus.  That helped some of the issues but there were still others I couldn't fix.  Along with these two ailments, I would also get a TON of canker sores.  That wasn't too uncommon because I've always gotten those.  But, those few years, I got them ALL THE TIME.  At one point I had seven in my mouth at once.  I also tried everything for those, from gels to old wives tale remedies.  I even went so far as to collect cigarette ashes from my friend and pack those on them.  It didn't work.  A few years after it all started, and a couple of years after I quit my job, everything went away.  I'd still get the occasional canker sore and stomach issue but for the most part, everything was good.  Although I usually joke and say it's all because I'm allergic to work, I'm pretty sure it was triggered by stress and anxiety. 

Lately, it seems like little symptoms have started coming back here and there.  This time though, I'm taking a different route.  Young Living Essential Oils are my weapon of choice. 

On Sunday I woke up with a canker sore and another one coming along.  By the end of the day, that second one hurt like a big dog.  After doing some researching and putting all my past symptoms together and reading that those all happen to be symptoms of certain things dealing with immune system issues, I first though of Thieves oil.  I brushed my teeth before bed with my Thieves toothpaste and guess what.  Where canker sores usually stick around for a week or so, mine were practically gone.  Seriously.  They lasted one day.  One day!  I also remembered some capsules I bought but never took.  So yesterday morning I started on the Inner Defense supplement.

I'm excited to see how all this plays out.  I'm also feeling pretty optimistic.

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