the pictures are always

of the cats.  Cats, cats, cats.  Today I decided it was a dog day.  The weather is nice, cool and sunny so I went outside with my camera.  I should also mention that when I was at Petsmart earlier, I bought a frisbee.

Look what I have, y'all.
They really wanted it

as a chew toy.
Archer usually retrieves whatever is thrown but then he NEVER brings it back.  He comes close and pivots for me to chase him.  No.  I have a secret weapon.  Maggie.
 I just have to cheer Maggie on to go get it and that usually works.  She's much better at handing things over.

I like getting out there and getting pictures of the dogs but... one thing about getting pics of the cats is being able to walk away from the situation with a clean lens. 
This was after a swipe of Archer's tongue.

Here are a couple I got of each of them.  Archer's black and white went to flickr, fb and instagram.

Maggie always seems to have a smile for the camera.

And now I need to wash my hands again.

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