i'm one of those types

that has a hard time saying no.  I remember once Cosme called on his way home from work.  The call went something like this

Him: What are you doing?
Me: Two women are here showing me a vacuum cleaner.
Him: What? Do you know them?
Me: No. They knocked on the door.
Him: Are you crazy??? They need to leave.

So then, I was fretting over how to politely tell strangers to get out of my house, without making it sound like Cosme was some uber controlling maniac... which I managed to do anyway.  ("My husband isn't happy you're here so you need to leave because he's about to be home.") LOL  I know it was stupid but still, I had to say no and that was where I went wrong.  (Note: before they left, they did manage to vacuum my living room and offer me a discount on the new Kirby that was so low she had to write it down instead of saying it.  I told her that no, $700 was way more than I'd pay for a vacuum cleaner.  She asked how much I pay.  I told her $79 was a splurge.  They didn't stick around much longer.)  Anyway, that's one reason I don't answer my door if I'm not expecting anyone.  Last week I'd had enough.


I finally took action.  I bought a cute sign off Etsy.

I really showed them.

And check this out.  The new car takes regular unleaded. (WOOHOO!) I had a bunch of Kroger fuel points after Christmas and I needed to fill up the other day before they expired.

What??? Look at that!  I filled up my car for less than $10.  That was crazy.  The low gas prices might not be the best news for the oil and gas industry but I really liked that little perk my points added.

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