i was going to

post a nice picture of my last blueberry muffin… but then today got a severe case of the Mondays.  I guess the fact I only had one blueberry muffin left should have been a sign.

Let's see…
I went to heat my muffin in the microwave and it wouldn't get hot.

Then I figured I'd at least post a picture of the muffin with it's massive crumble topping but since Yahoo locked me out of my mail after not being able to change my password, I can't get the pic here.

I also had all sorts of foul ups with United Airlines this morning.  (More on that later)

I'm afraid to do anything else today.  I might actually need a second Coke today, and cookies.  A second Coke and cookies might help.

And now I feel a sinus headache coming on.

Want to ask me how the guest room conversion to an art space is coming along?  No change.  I need the bed out of there first.

So there's a brief summary of how Wednesday is starting out.

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