have you noticed

a trend with my eating?  Or shall I say my lack of eating out?  Honestly, we eat out quite a bit.  It's not ALL we do but we do our part in supporting the restaurants, especially on the weekends... and weekdays when it just seems faster and easier.  I've really been trying hard lately though to not eat out.  Yeah, there are some situations where it just works better but one thing I've noticed is when I do it once, it's so much easier to do it again.  It's quick and easy.  So I've been working hard at not doing it at all.  But, just as easy as it is to fall off that wagon, it's pretty easy to get into a habit of not eating out.  So if you think I've been talking a lot lately about the stuff I've been making and showing the food I've made, you're correct.  I have been.  Consider it part of my motivation tactics.  (And let's face it.  With all this nasty weather we've had, it's much nicer to stay inside and the heat from the oven/stove doesn't hurt anything.)

I'll confess right now.  We did have Pei Wei over the weekend and I almost gave in on Sunday morning when Cosme suggested tacos.  He also came home early yesterday because he was (and still is) a little under the weather and I know one of the best things when we're sick is soup from La Casona.  So, after I made my trip to Kroger, I stopped and picked up some lunch for him.  That's right.  I didn't get myself anything.  I was holding on tight to that wagon and came home and had a sandwich and I was so proud of myself.  Also, I almost made pizzas the other day but I was not feeling well at all and I knew lasagna would be easier on me.  Even though I felt like crap and Pizza Hut would be much easier and would even deliver a pizza and potato soup to my doorstep, I got the lasagna made and we've been eating on it since.

Speaking of that potato soup from Pizza Hut, we like it.  I've never made a potato soup that I've been crazy about.  Guess what.  I found one.  It is good, it is Eric approved and it was made in the crock pot.  Here it is

It really didn't need the cheddar cheese garnish on top.  All that really did was make it harder to eat. 

In case you're keeping score: Melanie - 2, Pizza Hut - 0

Now excuse me while I go heat up some lasagna for breakfast.  

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