so I had a couple

of things going on last week.  First there was my aunt's birthday.  What was supposed to have been my cousin getting her to the mall "so she could get her daughter a certain pair of earrings" and more of us being there to ambush her and her getting her ears pierced, turned into her finding out about it but still going to the mall and getting her ears pierced.  Note to self: don't be the one to bend over in the front when you're wearing a flowing blouse because that blouse will do just that, flow and make you look wider than you actually are with absolutely no shape and more like a blob.

And why was I even bending over?  There wasn't anyone behind me.  Whatever, I felt the need.

Now on to the big thing.  (Not that my aunt getting her ears pierced after 57 years wasn't a big thing but the next thing that happened last week really lit a fire under me.) 

On Saturday, I went to a class in Houston on alternative printing.  We learned how to do transfers onto different surfaces.  Not only was it my first thing to do with the Houston Center for Photography (we all know how I am with unfamiliar experiences and people and stepping out of my comfort zone) but this really got me motivated... maybe in a good way or maybe in an over-the-top way.  But first, here's what we learned.

We went out walking with an old Polaroid camera and took a picture and learned how to basically dissect it and put it on paper.  I wasn't impressed with my image and I would've gone with my first idea if I knew the words wouldn't have been reversed but I didn't.  Oh well, I still had fun.

We also had to bring several of our own images.  I brought this one I did on the photowalk from downtown and transferred it to wood.

And then there's my accordion player in Puerto Rico transferred onto vellum.  The vellum was super sensitive and hard to work with but I really like how it isn't perfect and roughed up.  I also like how it looks with the light shining from behind.

So.  How did that class inspire me?  Here's what it all comes down to.  There are a lot of things I want to try.  There are a lot of things I don't do because I don't want to drag everything out and then have to put it all away in order to get dinner ready and then pull it all out to finish, etc.  So, I've decided I am making changes to the guest room.  I never use that room because it isn't set up for anything or in a useful manner.  When we first moved in it was set up as an office with a bed but then it became more of a bedroom with speaker storage.  My first goal is to get rid of the bed.  I need to get it to Brazoria and get my 6' table from Brazoria to put in the bedroom.  If I don't have a sleeping solution by the time that room has its yearly guest, I'll get another air mattress.  (I mean I already have a trunk the mattress and bedding could be stored in.)  My next job might be ripping out the carpet.  I mean the stuff needs to be replaced anyway so why not just go without for a while and not worry about spills or anything.  And if I decide to keep this room set up as a workroom for my stuff and I'm better off without flooring, then it doesn't really matter.  See?  This is why I'm excited.  I have so much I want to try and I'll finally have a space where I can do my stuff and not worry about messes and being in the way.  So this is really all that's been on my mind lately.  And that's more than okay.

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