I'm going to share some of the new things I've tried lately, as well as some of the usual.  Last night I made Shrimp Jeannine but I don't have a picture of it.  No fear, I know I'll be making it again so I'll get it then.  I might just post it over on the Our Grandmothers' Recipes site... but I'll wait until I have the picture.

As for the other stuff, there was the white tail shoulder that Dad gave Eric.

I made it out on the grill and Maggie almost couldn't stand the wait... sad to say though, she didn't get any.  Eric left and took it with him.

Over the weekend I tried a new recipe.  It's a Graham Cracker Cake.  It sounded odd but looked good.
Ends up, it is good.  It reminds me of a carrot cake.

Next up were the corn dogs that Eric requested.  We both liked them and they weren't as near a pain in the butt as I thought they'd be.

Then there was the bread I made.  This one isn't a new recipe but it's simple and baked in a bowl.  Anyway, here is the Peasant Bread.

A while back I was on a sandwich kick.  Not just any sandwich, but the Deli Trio from Jack in the Box.  So lately, we've been making them at home.  Sourdough with pastrami, ham, muenster, kosher pickle slices, a little bit of ranch and grilled in a little butter.  I have a feeling I'll have another one this weekend.

Well, that's it for now.  I need to run to the store.  My macaroni and cheese is ready for the oven and now I need to find a meat to go with it.  I'm thinking chicken...

Chicken or not, I need to be at the church at 2 and I'm hoping this sinus/allergy headache pill doesn't knock me out.

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