we were going to

Kerrville last weekend because the weather wasn't ideal the weekend before.  Actually, I wanted to go to Fredericksburg but had to book a room in Kerrville.  Anyway, after I booked the room, I realized that was the weekend that the group that Mom volunteers for was having their annual fundraiser... and Lauren was going to be a participant in their chili cook-off.  Holiday Inn wouldn't let me transfer my reservation to another location but they would let me change the dates.  So I booked another room and our trip to Kerrville turned into a trip to Waxahachie.  We had a good time and even came home with an autographed Dallas Cowboys helmet that Cosme won in the silent auction.  A display case is on its way so now I just have to start figuring out a good place for it.

So we're back and I really should be doing a ton of other things right now but I'm not.  Here's one of the things I should be doing.

Cleaning the back porch.  Maggie has really worked her magic on it.  As I sit here and type this, the sun decided to come out.  So really, right now is the PERFECT time for me to be out there cleaning her mess.  I went out there earlier to feed her and got a couple of videos.  You see, I've been trying to work with her on "sit" and "down".  She does fine at the sitting but down isn't her favorite... but she's great at it in her cage.  So I got a couple of videos of her doing it this morning, out of the cage and on the back porch.  Check these out:

And if I sound really excited about her obeying, I WAS.

I better go out there and start picking up, as much as rather sit right here and visit.  Don't worry, I'll be back.  There are a couple of things going on this week.  One is a surprise for someone.  Even though that someone doesn't read this blog and probably doesn't even know this blog exists, I won't say anything.  Another one is a photography related class on Saturday.  I can't wait and I can't wait to try what I learn.  One more thing, I wish I had pictures of the pizzas I made yesterday.  They weren't anything unusual but I guess I was just really wanting pizza and they hit the spot.  I'll be sure and take a picture tonight after I try a new recipe.

UPDATE:  The porch is picked up and swept... dead snake and all.  (Yes, there was a scream involved.)  I was going to clean and scrub it but then I realized that Maggie ate the water hose.  Maybe another time...

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