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back up and running and that means I'm going to post a picture.  I mentioned my decision to turn the guest room into an art space.  Well, yesterday we got the bed moved to Brazoria and today I'm left with a bedroom with a bunch of junk, minus a bed.  So I took the first step and now there's no turning back
 and it's a little bit scary.  I know the carpet needs to be replaced but now it's for real.  It's not so much getting rid of the carpet that scares me a little but it's the fact I'm using this space for what I want and what if I should have left it the way it was?  It doesn't matter because it's too late now.  But you know what?  Tearing up that carpet is harder than it looks.  I had to take my jacket off halfway through that one little section.  (Then I figured it'd be a good time to take a break and share my progress.)  Heck, I'm even drinking water!  Now I need to find something to pull that little nail strip from around the room.  I think they use a crowbar on tv so I might look in the garage to find one.  If not, I'll have to figure something else out.

Oh, before I get back to the art space renovation, let me share a picture of Maggie from last week.  I brought her into the kitchen with me while I was making dinner.  If she only knew how little it would take for her to get loose.
Let's hope she never finds out.

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