so about that first

day at Universal, we made it to the park and headed to "Springfield".  Well, it's an area of the park designated to The Simpsons and their town of Springfield.  Let me get something straight right now... I DO NOT RIDE RIDES.  I went to Springfield thinking we were going to get a Krusty Burger and donut.  We did... after they took me on a ride.  Well, it's not like a roller coaster, but a movie where your seat moves and you feel like you're in the movie.  I think it's a virtual 3D movie or something like that.  (Luckily, Eric's tolerance for rides is a little bit less than mine so I didn't need to panic too much... but I did.)  So we rode the virtual ride and then went for our late lunch.

My Krusty Burger

Our donut

and just to give you an idea how big the donut was (and this was after the three of us had attacked it).

After our meal we headed next door to Islands of Adventure so Cosme could ride a roller coaster.  One our way, the Blues Brothers drove by.  (And I understand these aren't the actual Blues Brothers.  I just wanted to get a pic because Eric's always liked the movie.)

A few minutes after we got there, I let them know I had to go back to the room.  I power-walked back to the hotel, praying that I'd make it back to our clean, private bathroom without any situations and the two of them went on as planned.  They made it back to the room and we spent the rest of the evening there.  After resting we ordered room service and passed out and it felt wonderful.

Oh, and in case you ever stay at that resort with your pet and you want room service, they've got you both covered.  (Which I thought was a little ridiculous but I guess a good idea for the people who won't leave their animals home.)

And that was Thursday.

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