i'm trying to understand

something I just read online.  I was looking up TSA stuff and I clicked on Transgender Travelers because I thought it was listed under the Prohibited Items and I thought that was really rude.  When I read that it was just a notice to transgender travelers, I thought that was pretty rude too.  Here's what United has on their site

So what is this supposed to mean?  Why do they need to comfort the transgender traveler?  What about me?  Do they think I enjoy the process?  While I do feel comforted by the added security, I don't at all feel comfortable going through it.  What happened to my "Special Considerations"?  I am a 41-year-old straight female who happens to be very modest (so modest I won't get a massage because I'm not taking my clothes off and ESPECIALLY not having someone touch me without any clothes on).  What happened to my feelings, United?  What about me?  And honestly, why are you calling out transgender people anyway?  Our society always makes such big deals about people not being treated equally and unfairness well guess what.  This is why.  If they're going to go out of their way to comfort one group, they better go out of their way to comfort me.

Thank you for listening to my morning 8:00 hour vent.

ps - Remember me?  I'll be back shortly.

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