well yesterday

I got most of the carpet out in time for the garbage truck to haul away.  Now it's just a memory... a bad, dirty memory.

I sent this picture of Lucille to Mom and Lauren yesterday.  Look at that face.  I'm not mentioning any names but someone is bitter.  Now that the bed is gone, she is homeless and is living out of a suitcase... and playing the victim well.

Strat jumped up on the bench, hoping to make her feel better.  He started to lick her head.  All I could catch was her not having it and him jumping back. 

He knew better than to keep on and just left her alone, but wanted to stay near her in case she needed his shoulder to cry on.  He got comfortable right next to her suitcase and she reached over and bopped Strat on the head.  I think she just wanted to make it clear that although she is allowing him to sit near her, she is in no way accepting his comfort and sympathy.  He swallowed his pride and stayed by her side, just in case.

Wow, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one in the house who gets overly dramatic.  Superb performance Lucille!  I gave her a standing ovation then let her carry on with her sulking while portraying the victim that she is.

As for the guest room, I'm still working on it but might take a break today.  It's amazing how much stuff doesn't get done when I'm preoccupied.  Today I guess I'll focus on chores.

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