it seems like

I'm forgetting to do something but I'm not.  Could it be that nothing major is on my calendar?  I love it.

Here's a little of what's been happening since last time.

Maggie got fixed.  I brought her home from the vet yesterday and keeping her still for 1-2 days was HARD.  We let her out in the backyard last night.  I figured it had technically been one full day since her surgery and it's not like she was enjoying it in her cage.  I left for about 30 minutes and when I came home, she had already torn into the stuffing of her bed.  I took her picture but she looks more like one of those animals in the commercials with the Sarah McLachlan music.  You be the judge.

Would you adopt this dog or donate money to her fund?  (Ignore all the white fluff.)

I did portraits on Sunday.  Thank goodness we were almost done when I got up from standing on my knees and looked down.  I'd been standing on poison oak.  I came home, got in the shower with dish soap and Tecnu and threw all my clothes (shoes included) into the garbage.  Today's Wednesday so I'm hoping I'm in the clear but so far, so good.  I can't go through that again.

There's a Texas Roadhouse in Lake Jackson now.  I'd say I'm pretty much a regular at going to pick up an order.  Each time seems to get a little worse though.  The food is fine but the wait and the service are HORRIBLE.  Each time I go I tell myself that time will go differently and each time I still leave angry.  Last night was the final straw.  Long story short, I was worked up enough not to want to go back and I'll probably leave a bad review (which I usually do in those situations).  So, I figured out why I have to keep going back.  It's the bread, the hot, delicious rolls they serve.  I'm serious.  Their rolls are like crack.  So on today's agenda, along with all the other things I've decided to get done on this week of nothing major going on, I will find a recipe and I will make the rolls.  Let's hope the first recipe works because I WILL learn to make those rolls so my dealer will quit making money off of me.

We were in bed last night and there was a loud noise.  Cosme jumped up wondering what that was but for me it was one of those times where you heard a loud noise and you wake up but once you wake up you weren't real sure if it was part of your dream or a real noise.  And by that time, you are not only doubting whether or not you even heard anything but then you can't remember what it even sounded like.  That was me.  We went into the living room and saw this.

So another thing on my to-do list is to find the little pegs that hold the shelves up… and put everything back in place.  But first, it's time to get busy on those rolls!

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