i grew up in

the city and even though I've lived in these small towns for the last 20 years (the same small towns I spent a LOT of time in as a kid), I have to agree with whoever said the whole thing about taking the girl out of the city but not taking the city out of the girl.  Yeah, I know I don't live in the country but it's a small town and I see things here I just never saw in Houston.  I know it happened but just not in my world.  I guess it's the whole nature thing.  It's given me the willies the few times Maggie has trapped snakes.  But this morning I let her inside for a bit (we bought her a crate over the weekend) and then let her out when I felt it was time.  As soon as I shut the door, she started barking.  I looked out the window and there was a bird standing by the back fence.  That didn't bother me.  What bothered me was the lifeless mound of grey fur in front of it.  [insert willies here]  I didn't know what to do.  I wanted Maggie to quit barking but I didn't want to be left with a dead squirrel in the yard.  I decided to do what anyone would do... go outside to get a better picture than what I was able to get through a dirty window.

And then I saw the bird pick up the dead squirrel [more willies] and fly off as Maggie went to chase it.  I hate that kind of stuff.

On the bright side, I've seen these types of birds sitting on the back fence before.  From fb, I found out what it is and read up on them.  I don't like birds but I like these things.  They prey on things like mice, squirrels and snakes.

Attention all chicken hawks: YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.  I REPEAT, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE. fine print: just keep killing unwanted critters and taking them away but preferably when I'm not looking.

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