and that's

a wrap.  The haunted house was a hit and apparently trick-or-treating at the house was a hit too.  Eric and Cosme dressed as Batman and Robin, respectively, and stood outside to pass out candy.  I gave Eric instructions on how to hand the candy out (from worst to best, stopping before best is gone).  Everything is gone.  Put it this way, I started on a pack of M&M's yesterday but I got busy and left a few in it to finish later.  Even those were gone.  See?  They gave out everything, probably eating some along the way and when they realized it was all gone, they even took my scraps.  At least I figure that's how it went.  Either way, our candy is gone.

As for the haunted house, it was great.  It's a little messed up how delighted I am to hear the people scream and see them jump.  Today's the cleanup day so I need to head over there pretty soon to help out.  That won't take near as long as the setup took.  Awesome.  Now I just need to figure out what time to head over.  They said it definitely won't be before 10:00.  I was thinking 11:00 would be good.

Oh well, I should probably wash some dishes and get dressed.  And don't be surprised if my Christmas tree goes up in the next week or so.  Don't judge me either.  Is it my fault that I think a tree is so pretty and a month just isn't enough time to admire it?  No.  So as Eric would say, let me do me.

(from the Houston photo walk)

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