so I went to

the dentist yesterday for a crown.  You know, it's not even getting the crown that bothers me.  The part that bothers me is going in for the permanent crown to be put on.  That whole part of pulling off the temporary is just one of those things I don't like to feel or hear.  It's creepy and I always panic they're going to use those clamps on the wrong tooth.  (I also don't like the fact I was able to use the word "always" in there.)  I have to quit thinking about it but anyway, that's the worst part for me.  Actually, this was in the very back of my mouth and I'm pretty sore today so this might be the second worst part.  On the plus side, I was able to throw a quiche together last night and bake it so breakfast was a no brainer this morning… and easy to chew.  (Not that I can't chew but like I said, I'm a little sore.)

It looks like I'll be back at the store this morning for two more strands of Christmas lights for the tree.  All I can say is, I am my mother's daughter.

I got home from the dentist yesterday and started getting settled.  I unloaded a few things I had stopped to pick up on the way home, changed my clothes, started to change the front porch light (until I realized I don't have that size replacement bulb), threw my frozen mac & cheese in the microwave and it was about that time I wondered if it's considered drinking alone if animals are around or if I'm talking to someone on the phone.  I won't go into too much detail but let's just say Lucille got a lecture, Maggie got an appointment to get fixed on Monday and I managed to resist the urge to drink alone.

Now I'm off for more Christmas lights but I'll leave you with this picture I got on my beach outing the other morning.

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