i really know

how to start a day off right.  After writing a lengthy post, I went and accidentally deleted it.  I guess it's the blog's way of getting back at me.  "Victim of neglect, my arse.  I'll show her."

Anyway, I'm still here.  I'm as close as I can be to overdosing on clementines, trying to keep any nasty bugs away with vitamin C. 

Oh.  There is something I wanted to share but forgot about in the deleted post.  Thanksgiving came and went and I tried something new.  First, I loathe dressing.  Each year I think that it really does look good and each year I give it another try and each year I find it just as disgusting as the previous year.  This year though, I saw something.  I'm a fan of Barefoot Contessa on Food Network and I caught her on their Thanksgiving Live special.  Anyway, she gave a recipe for an alternative to dressing.  It's Mushroom & Leek Bread Pudding.  I made it and I really liked it.  I know it probably sounds weird but I enjoyed it.  I mixed it all up and put most of it in a larger dish but put some aside in a smaller dish to sample it (since I prep all my sides days in advance).  Here's my sample of it.

Another new thing I tried the other day was a recipe I found on Pinterest.  It only makes an 8x8 pan so it doesn't go very far but I liked them fine.  It was Creme Brulee Cheesecake Bars and I found the recipe HERE.  The only thing I had to change was the filling.  I only had one block of cream cheese on hand so I halved the filling, leaving the crust as is.  So here's a pic of my bars.

Now I should quit talking about food and go buy some.  As much as I don't want to get out in the cold, it's sunny so I'm taking advantage of it.

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