i think i might

have scored myself an extra Christmas present yesterday.  I know you're all wondering how.  Here it is...

This pie.

Pies have never been my thing.  You can tell by looking at the crust that I don't do it often.  It's not that I don't love pies, it's just that I guess I've never had great luck with making a crust.  I usually leave the pie baking to Mrs. Smith or Marie Callenders.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, Eric asked if I'd try making a pie sometime so when I went to the store on Tuesday, I bought apples.  Long story short, this pie was a hit.  Eric said it's better than the one I normally buy.  Imagine that.  I made an edible pie.  As for the recipe, I always knew if I tried making a pie crust, I'd use the crust recipe from a former coworker.  Then there was the filling.  I searched on All Recipes and found one with the highest rating and number of reviews and did it.  The only thing I did differently was add cinnamon.  (I might not know much about pies but I know enough to add cinnamon to my apples... even when the recipe doesn't call for any.)

Now I have two goals for today:
1.  Finish pictures that I'm working on.
2.  Try to stay away from the pie.

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