i'm excited because

a few months ago, before we had new furniture, I saw an end table I knew I NEEDED.  I had the perfect spot for it.  Then the talks of new furniture became more real, like it was something that was really about to happen.  Dismissing the end table to focus on couch, chairs, coffee table.  (Remember post on the coffee table?  I knew I wanted that table and the room would have to focus around that.)  Anyway, we have the couch and one of the three chairs (SIGH...) but the more we've been hanging out on the new furniture, I've realized that I have a new perfect spot for that table.  So, after I finish my grocery shopping (which I hope will start between 6:30 and 7:00), I will drive to Rosenberg to get my table.  I'll post pictures but for now I'll just tell you it's a table made from a wine barrel.

I'm off to the grocery store.

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