do you know how long it's

been since I've sent out Christmas cards?  Years.  It's been years.  I've purchased a set every year, planning to send them out but I just never got around to it.  There were a couple of times I even had them addressed and ready to go and just never got around to sending them.  I was talking to someone the other day about cards and decided that this year I am doing it.  I'm picking one of the boxes of cards from my stash and sending them out.  So yesterday I did it.  I opened a new box and began to address them all.  I'd finished the return address on 9 of the 10 cards and thought to myself, "This is awesome.  They only included the exact number of envelopes as cards and I've managed to not mess up on ANY of them."  To someone who has always been asked to (and is still asked to) write things for people, this is kind of a big deal.  So as I grabbed my last envelope to address, my "Ad..." came out as "An..."

Typical.  Today I will try to finish the cards.  I already have my Christmas stamps so it's just a matter of getting them to the mailbox.  FYI, there's a 99.75% chance I will get distracted and not get that done... today.

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