i knew this time

would come.  You know, the time where, after weeks of having plenty of time and saying I'll do it later, I'm left with a lot to do.  I need to run errands in three different directions.  I need to make a trip to Houston but it'll have to be done in two trips because one item is needed now while the other is needed later.  While I'm out running errands, I need to be home doing stuff like cleaning out a closet and moving poles for Christmas lights.  Knowing all of that, I've decided to sit here and write about it rather than do it.

This Christmas season's shopping has had a few hiccups.  First, I LOVE shopping online because I HATE dealing with crowds.  (It's not only the actual crowds but the germs they carry and the traffic they cause.)  I signed up for 2 day shipping for several different packages.  This first was with an Amazon order.  When Friday, December 13 came and went, my tracking status still read "On schedule for December 13".  UPS was lying.  When Monday morning came, I decided to contact UPS.  They said I needed to contact Amazon because Amazon prefers to deal with any shipping issues.  So I chose the "chat now" option with Amazon.  (Not only do I not have to leave the house to shop but I don't have to pick up the phone to chat.  The only way it could possibly get better is to think of things I want and have them magically appear.)  Anyway, I "talked" to Ajmath at Amazon.

What's irritating with chatting and trying to get a point across is typos.  "Deliver" should have been "delivery".  I was so irritated with them so I did what any ill-tempered lady would do when hanging up on the other person wasn't an option.  I clicked "end chat" and I clicked it hard.  That was my way of slamming the phone down.  A few minutes later I got an email from Ajmath.  He apologized.  Whatever, Ajmath.  Whatever.  The next day the package came.  And then there's the whole issue I've been having with a seller on another site... ugh.  Either way, it's still better than dealing with the crowds.

Speaking of crowds, I did have to get out and do some shopping after 1:00 yesterday.  BIG mistake.  It reminded me why I try to get all of my shopping done before lunch.

Oh well, I guess I'll quit putting it all off any longer and go get busy with something.  I think I might take off in one direction, stop back by the house and then head in another direction.  Maybe the third direction can wait until Friday... or Saturday.  (When Christmas comes and goes, and I'm complaining about having to have gone out and dealt with that Saturday before Christmas crowd, remind me how I sat here and suggested it and how my current self should have told my future self that is a TOTALLY bad idea.)

Now it's time to TCB.  One task at a time.

UPDATE: The Christmas cards are still sitting here.

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