the poison ivy is on

its way out!  I'm thrilled and relieved.  It's settled.  The next time I get it, I'm going for a shot.  Although, I felt a little weird getting it.  The nurse asked me if I'd ever had a steroid injection.  For a split second I thought that maybe I should get pills.  I felt so Lance Armstrong and wrong.  When she told me to stick around for about 15 minutes to make sure I didn't have a reaction, I took another few seconds to think about the pills.  Bottom line: I was miserable and if a shot would make it go away faster, give me two.  So that was Tuesday and here we are on Friday.  I'm a little itchy but I'm almost to the point of feeling like I might be getting close to wearing short sleeves.  Not today and probably not tomorrow but close.  Put it this way, if I were somebody standing next to me, I'd want me wearing long sleeves.  It isn't pretty.

Speaking of not being pretty, today we start assembling the haunted house at church.  It's grown and is kind of a big deal.  It should be pretty good.  We were planning and drawing out what would go where yesterday and of course, some laughs would come out when we thought of something really good and scary.  I brought up the fact that it's a little messed up how much joy we get from that.  So anyway, I'll go up today and we'll start covering everything and setting up for next week... but first I have to wait for Antonio to come and remove any poison ivy from my yard.

I guess, for now, I could get busy on any of the chores around the house that need to be done or I could continue working on props for the haunted cemetery... even though I'd rather take a nap.  One thing's for sure.  If I don't put a can of Coke in the refrigerator for later, I'll regret it.

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