deep breath in

... and release.  Now that's what I'm talking about.

Let's see:
Hand wedding pictures over to Brittany
Deliver food for Jake
Have new dishwasher installed
Pick up heart worm pill for Maggie
Go to art gallery with Eric
Hair appointment
Appointment with the dog trainer

Could it be that I'm almost caught up?  I think so!  Did you catch that last one?  Yeah, a trainer is coming by Friday morning for an evaluation.  I picked up a card from the vet's office because it's gotten to that point.  Honestly, I need the training as much as Maggie.  The rocks I had Antonio put down haven't stopped her from digging.  She moves the rocks out of the way and digs.  (My back porch is now turning into a rock garden.)  Oh, and the water hose she's been terrified of?  She chewed off about four feet of the end.  So I'm hoping the trainer will help me help her.

Looking at my calendar, I also realized the set up for our haunted house begins a week from tomorrow. I guess I need to get busy on some props.  It's not that we need them but I just want to make a few things to add to it.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photo walks penciled in.  Bummer.  Here's one from the Lake Jackson photo walk.

Oh well, now I'm off to get ready for the art gallery.  (He's 19 and in college.  Is it okay to refer to it as a field trip?)

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