i really wish

I had a hidden camera in the backyard to catch Maggie.  I heard banging this morning.  It was against the house, near my bedroom window.  I looked out and she was there with her shovel.  Who knows what she was trying to do.  She's goofy like that.  Oh, I'm so excited about tomorrow morning!  It's our meeting with the trainer.  I guess I also need to start planning on getting her fixed.  (Maggie, not the trainer.)  Once that happens, I could start taking her to the dog park in town.

Has anyone heard of any photo walks?  Me neither.  If I had a photo walk to think about and plan on, my mind wouldn't be so focused on this poison ivy I've got going on.  On the plus side, a cool front came through so I'm not as miserable walking around in long sleeves.

So I went to the art gallery with Eric yesterday.  Yeah.  We're still trying to figure that one out.  But, I guess that's the good thing about art... to each his own.  While this is the last day of that exhibit, it looked like they were pulling out pieces for what I assumed to be the next showing.  One of those actually caught my eye.  I'll have to watch out for that one.  But back to the contemporary art inspired by the artist's Indian upbringing and all, not that there's anything wrong with that, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

I guess it's time to get ready for my hair appointment.  I'll leave you with another Lake Jackson photo walk image.

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