and for right

now, all is well.  The picture on the left was either the morning I went to the doctor or the day before.  Either way, it was at a really miserable point.  The picture on the right is today, a week and a day after the steroid shot.

And guess what's happening today.  For the first time in two weeks I'm going to wear short sleeves!

We have the haunted house tomorrow and Thursday and I'm so excited.  It seems to be coming along pretty well.  The run-through is tonight.

So like I said, for right now, all is well.  (I do have a dentist appointment on Tuesday and well, we all know how my dentist appointments turn out.  Cleaning = crown.  Cavity = root canal.)  So I'm appreciating well right now.  Let's all just hope, pray and cross our fingers that come Tuesday, all will still be well.

See this?  I don't need anyone else's drama and problems.  I've got my own, thanks.

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