a few things

I've learned this week:

1.  Spend the money and buy a better paint brush.  There is a difference.

2.  Sanding and wiping down isn't that bad when someone is helping.

3.  Manual labor makes me frustrated to the point of crying.

Well, it's not just the manual labor.  Let's face it, if someone said they needed me to bake x amount of cakes, that's different.  I'd much rather bake than paint.  Also, to add to my painting frustration is how out of order the entire house is.  That throws me off to a freak out.  It puts me in a foul mood, then I stew over it while I paint all day and by the end of the day I'm angry and have a meltdown.

As it ends up, a good chicken fried steak can help a meltdown.  So here's one more

4.  Food does make it better.

Today I'm starting off differently.  Instead of waking up to paint at 5:30, I'm getting some of my normal stuff done.  I've already started laundry and plan to do more than the one load I accomplished yesterday.  I'm about to make my bed and iron while I catch up on dvr (assuming I can work around the chair and end table at the foot of my bed).  After that I'll probably head out to look at a chair and buy some bougainvilleas for the backyard.  Then, when all my stuff is done, and I don't feel like I've left anything neglected, I'll paint.  And if a pit stop at Taco Cabana falls in there somewhere along the way... Well, let's just call it meltdown prevention. 

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