has it really

been a week since my last post?  I guess so.  I'm apologizing now because I know the next couple of months are going to be crazy and the blog-neglect will probably be pretty bad... off the charts.  I don't know for sure but just in case, I'm sorry.  It's just going to be busy for me.  I've got a LOT of photography stuff going on, not only are there a couple of major photo sessions to be done but in the middle of it all I signed up for a photography workshop.  Let's see, there's a party happening here in less than a month (and I've got to prepare for that, but with some help), I've got a couple of SERIOUS concerts to attend on August 30 (The Cult) and September 18 (Depeche Mode), a major entertaining show in Houston that takes about a week to prepare for and just as long to recover from, and then... MY BIRTHDAY

Here's the kicker, I should officially be able to relax on September 22 because this is how that last week will go:
Sunday 15 - last day of cooking/entertaining show and clean up
(I usually don't move for the next two days, it's THAT. MUCH. WORK.)
Wednesday 18 - Depeche Mode
(Hopefully I can stand by then)
Friday 20 - MY BIRTHDAY and a rehearsal dinner
Saturday 21 - the wedding, which will be my first to ever shoot
Sunday 22 - BREATHE.

Other than any meltdowns that will probably happen along the way, I'm golden.

Now, on to other news.  I was getting the oil changed last week.  Sitting in the waiting room were two young guys, an older man and me.  A lady walks in with a little kid and I watch as the older man gets up for her to have his seat.  I had to roll my eyes at the to young guys and hope that Eric would do the right thing in that situation.  Which I later found out that he would have been and has been the one getting up for women and kids to sit. 

I have a new coffee table coming soon.  It's one that I designed and might be finished this week.  The frame is together, now I just need to go get pieces for the top.  I'm going to try to do that today.

And last but not least, Operation Dry to Wet (for Lucille) has been going great.  No hairballs or anything else that comes along with it.  I've been letting her eat in the laundry room and then opening the door when she's done.  Strat then comes in and finishes it all off.

Lucille, isolated and enjoying her meal at the molasses-like pace she does everything.

Strat, paces and watches, paces and watches.  Here he is watching.  (I also need to clean the door.)

And Strat finishing Lucille's juicy breakfast.  yum.

 Here's a little added something.  A few weeks ago Cosme and I were watching tv.  There was a commercial for cat food and the lady put the cat's food on a plate and had a vase with a flower next to it.  We were laughing.  The other day Cosme saw me feeding Lucille and said that container was small and asked if I was going to dump it out for her.  My reply was "I can.  Would you like for me to add a flower in a vase as well?"  I guess you had to be there...

Now I'm off.  I'ts time for TCB.  Lowe's and Kroger are first on the to-do list and I don't feel like doing either.

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