once upon a time

I started designing a table after seeing several similar to it on Pinterest.  My goal was to get one for a fraction of the price.  Don't ask me what that fraction is because they've never been my strong point.  Anyway, I knew I wanted a metal frame with a wood top so we went to Lowe's.  (Funny little story: we started off at Home Depot but we knew Lowe's had the material and figured HD would as well.  We couldn't find it so we asked.  
     Cosme: Can you tell me where your angle iron is?
     Worker dude: The what?
     Cosme: Angle iron (insert brief description here).  I know Lowe's has it, figured you would too.
     Worker dude: Oh, we don't have that.  You'll need to check with a specialty store.
     Cosme: Like Lowe's?
It was funny.  It was a laugh, eye roll and shaking of the head all in one... at least it was for me.  Anyway, back to my coffee table.  We started with this.

 And worked our way (and I use "we" and "our" loosely)

 Up to this.

I sampled a few stains before going with the mahogany.  Can you imagine what was going through my head when I thought I was getting the stain on the left and out came the one on the right.  I'm pretty sure I sampled the correct one and didn't use a different can.  I didn't stir the sample and only shook it but I just don't see how that could be the same.  Oh well, it's a good thing I like mahogany, I mean a lot of my furniture is mahogany after all...

 And here it is with my stuff back on it.

 My plan is to put a couple of little storage ottoman's underneath.  In the meantime, Cosme is going to cut it down some, maybe 2 inches.  Since that involves cutting the casters off, I bought four more today but this time I bought bronze ones.  I haven't held them up to the table so we'll see what makes it on.

Here's what I asked for next.  It's going in the spot where my broken wine refrigerator is.  This will store liquor bottles and stuff of that nature.  (That's all my wine refrigerator is doing, serving as a work/storage surface.)  This just got a coat of mahogany stain this morning.

I've learned two things from this: 1. I'm way to impatient and messy to stain and 2. if you get stain on your hands, it comes off SUPER fast and easy with vegetable oil (just remember to turn the water on before you start).

Yesterday while Cosme was building my shelf unit, I was rearranging a few things inside.  I cleaned out a cabinet went to get the new things to put in it.  I got on the floor and went to put the stuff in when I saw Strat looking back at me.  I SCREAMED.  He was all the way in the back and I was NOT expecting that.  By the time I got my phone to the camera, he had turned around and was checking everything out.

And then a little later Lucille wanted to shop online with me but it wore her out.

And that's what's been going on here.  Now I need to sign into a photography thing I'm doing but I think I might do a few dishes first.  But you know, looking at Lucille's face is making me a little drowsy...

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