a stomach bug

hit Friday night.  It hit several of us but didn't last very long.  I walked down to get the newspaper this morning and once I got back, I started not to feel so well.  It might have been the heat or the Off I was covered in but thinking a can of Diet Dr. Pepper was not the answer.  That whole "starting not to feel so well" turned into UGH...  The Dr. Pepper did me in.  I should have had Coke.  Right now I'm drinking ginger ale but it's not my usual brand.  I'm a Canada Dry girl but I bought Seagrams because it was on sale.  I hope it does the trick but next time I'll stick with Canada Dry.

Here's a picture I took out on the back porch in Brazoria yesterday.  I couldn't get the hummingbirds at the flowers or their feeder so I settled for the strand of lights.

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