hi there, remember

me?  I didn't think so.  I've decided to slowly make my way back to this blog.  I haven't really felt like doing it.  So I haven't.  I was irritated because I couldn't post a picture a while back so I was taking a break.  I realized I could post a picture but then I was already out of my routine.  Now I'm going to try and get back on this bike.  For now I need to share something.  I never go to Jack in the Box but when I do I get their tacos.  The other day we stopped and I saw this sandwich on the menu.

It's my favorite.  I love this sandwich.  I could eat it every other day.  It's that good.  There isn't one thing I'd change.  Salami, ham and turkey?  It's basically the cold cut trio from Subway (yum).  Provolone? YUM.  Pickle? Kosher and warm... YUM.  Italian dressing? YUM.  Now go try it for yourself.

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