on friday i signed

off because I hadn't had lunch or breakfast and just ate the Cheetos from the last picture.  I needed to go get something to eat.  Guess what.  I didn't.  I got sidetracked and before I knew it, the only thing in my stomach was margaritas.  Really strong margaritas.  Let's just say Friday didn't end well and Saturday was spent in bed.  I don't have a theme from the list but let's just go with "what happened Friday".

Again with the 50mm and black/white.

I learned a few things on Friday.

1.  Make SURE you remember to eat something before you meet for drinks.
2.  If you don't, make sure it's a place you'll never go to again... it makes running into walls and holding onto walls for balance less embarrassing.
(And having your car parked where the patrons can't watch while Cosme walks you out to the car so you can TCB before you pass out doesn't hurt either.) Just saying...

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