day two of

the attack on the creative block and it seems things are about the same as day one.  Oh well, what's important is that I'm trying.  Right?  Anyway, I stuck with the same lens (50mm) and black and white.  The next topic on some of the lists was "rule of thirds".  I would explain but it seems a little obvious... and that's coming from someone who has a username of FractionsAreStupid.  The same person who, when learning about fractions in elementary school, didn't understand that "two-and-a-half" meant "2 plus a half" but instead "I have 2 and one of those is a half".  Perhaps I've always been an over analyzer but I eventually caught on, eventually.

Anyway, today's "rule of thirds" is Lucille and there are two.  Not 2 1/2 but two whole pictures of Lucille.  And don't pull a ruler or grid out because they seem more rule-of-thirds-ish.

Wait, two pictures for one challenge?  Could this be progress?  I'm not sure but it wouldn't hurt to over analyze it, I guess.

Now I'm off to do a few chores before I leave to count at the church.  And also, I've been using my computer in the kitchen and the smell of that banana bread in the oven is about to be too much.

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