day three is here

and I feel I've accomplished a little more.  I've been reading a few articles and apparently, this funk of a creative slump is an actual thing.  Well, maybe not officially but enough for people to feel the need to write articles on it.  So I did some reading and will do more reading today.  One of the suggestions was finding a photography club.  Sure, there's always Houston Center for Photography but the photo walks/capture crawls are once a month and sometimes that one day happens when I'm busy... or too busy to drive to Houston.  Like I said, I'll keep reading today and hopefully find something.  The photo club was sounding a little better than doing things on my own, especially since a man's body was found last week under a local bridge.  They still haven't found his head or a suspect.

On a lighter note, today's photo was still with the 50mm and the theme was "black and white". 

Now I'll continue on with my reading/researching while I fight to stay awake with this sinus pill and squeeze in some time to make a batch of snickerdoodles.

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